Talk about not paying attention - breastfeeding while driving on I-5

A state trooper ticketed a woman for a child restraint violation after he discovered she was breastfeeding her 1-year-old while driving on the highway.

Here is the whole article by Jason Rantz, KIRO Radio host

Mommy bloggers tend to be very vociferous in their protection of moms who breastfeed in public. I wonder if they’ll support this mom who was ticketed by a Washington State Patrol trooper for breastfeeding her toddler while in her car. Driving. On I-5.

After a caller tipped off 9-1-1 that a woman was driving northbound in Everett about 7 p.m. with a kid on her lap, a nearby trooper tracked the woman down. When he pulled her over, he discovered she was breastfeeding her 1-year-old.

On Twitter, Trooper Francis explains “I WISH I WAS KIDDING.”

KING 5 reports the woman was issued a $165 infraction for a child restraint violation, but I’m not sure that’s enough punishment for this irresponsible and dangerous behavior.

Not only did she put her life on the line, but also that of her kid and everyone else on the road. A fussy kid on your lap is a distraction when you’re not driving. When you’re on I-5? It’s much more distracting.

What’s worse? This isn’t the first time she’s been popped for this. KING 5 explains she told the trooper she’s been ticketed for this before. A previous ticket didn’t stop her. What makes any of us think a second ticket will?

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In the old days, I used to sit on my dad’s lap, before I was old enough to lay in the back window.

Child protective services will likely respond.

The $165 ticket wasn’t enough. That is just plain stupid.

I hope child protective services DOES respond! If anything happened that activated the airbag the baby would be dead in an instant.

I’m a strong advocate of breastfeeding… but NOT while driving!

So if she has an accident, the airbag snaps her infant’s neck killing the baby, she sues the automaker for not putting a label on the car saying “Do NOT breastfeed while driving” and we are diminished as a society just a little more because these idiots walk among us?

NOT the strangest thing I’ve seen people do while driving;

  1. Reading a book, at night, on a highway
  2. Practicing the French horn, in a highway construction zone
  3. Juggling 3 balls at a 4 way stop
  4. Eating a bowl of cereal, while driving a manual transmission car, in city traffic
  5. Having relations, she siting on he, he’s driving (she’s small, he’s looking over her shoulder!