Taking our 1976 Toyota Previa to Mexico

We’re moving to Mexico and taking our '76 Previa. Any suggestions as to what parts are most likely to break, or how to best prepare the car? (Yeah yeah, I mean other than machine gun turrets and a giant surgical mask).

We have a poster, irlandes, who lives in Mexico and owns a Sienna minivan, much newer than your vehicle. He has problems getting service, and often comes back to Texas to get work done.

Toyotas are not as plentiful as Nissans and Volkswagens in Mexico, and I think you will have a tough time getting service. The model year stated must be wrong; in 1976, Toyota had just introduced the Corolla, their other two models being the Crown and the Corona, and the minivamn did not exist yet. Is it a 1996 perhaps???

Unless you are 1) a mechanic or 2) buy all the manuals and some spares, I would not take this vehicle to Mexico, unless you will be living close to the US border.

You might be better off with a locally made vehicle in the long run.