Have been offered a 1991 Previa

300k miles, very clean, dealer maintained, runs great. What are my major concerns?

Everything is your major concern. This is a vehicle that has 300,000 miles. Check out the steering system, the suspension, and the brakes. If you don’t know how to do that you need a very careful mechanic and some money to fix what undoubtedly is worn out. After that the rest of the vehicle is also suspect, but at least those are the primary safety related areas.

Are you getting it free? I’d pay very little.

Agree; the dealer probable just did the required maintenance, such as oil & filter, cooling system, transmission fluid change and not much more.

So, he owner is selling it at the right time for him, just before major things start happening.

If this vehicle has a timimg belt, it should be on its 4th one at least.

There is another post here from a buyer of a Passat which was “properly” maintained with less than 190,000 miles on it and it is giving him lots of problems.

If you are planning to drive this vehicle very little, it might be worth buying at a very low price, which may be difficult with a Toyota.

As per the previous poster, at this stage, EVERYTHING can start acting up; the reason the ownner is selling it. Price in new struts, brakes, another timimg belt and water pump, exhaust system, A/C overhaul, radiator. You could be in for $6000 in the next year or so if you intend to drive this vehicle a lot. That is not a condemnation of Toyota; a Passat would be worth $0.00 at that mileage, even if it was running.

If the current owner can show you all the maintenance and repair records, then believe the dealer maintenance claim. If you are buying it, have it evaluated by your mechanic.

It’s 18 years old and has 300K miles. You should check everything out.

Major concerns…everything. All the dealer would have done was check the brakes and change the oil. This car may be fine for bopping around town, that’s it.

Also consider this. Toyota is a quality vehicle but they have had their stinkers. The Echo, T100 and it took Toyota 3 tries to get a decent minivan. The Previa is #2 and not the quality of a Sienna.

Refuse to take it unless it comes with $3000 in the glove compartment, if so equipped.

Contrary to popular belief, the older a vehicle gets, the MORE maintenance (and, money) it needs. [See Myth Buster 101].