Perfect Used Car for Mexico

We live in Mexico 6 months a year and in Seattle the other 6. Currently we drive to and around Mex. in a 1988 VW Camper Van. Unfortunately it gets only 19 miles to the gallon but has the high clearance for the terrible roads (low taxes but bad roads). What would be a good car to give us decent mileage but enough clearance so that we can venture to our favorite estuary for bird watching?


I think you will only improve at most maybe 4-5MPG with high clearance modern small SUV or station wagon(Subaru Outback). Not really worth the changeover.

I know people who had the same problem with a Civic so they changed to a Corolla and said it solved the problem.

What are the locals driving? Look around when you are in Mexico. Rocketman

I really like the little car-truck crossovers that GM and Ford sell down there. They look like the modern versions of the El Camino and Ranchero.

Your are probably driving the right vehicle already. As stated, you don’t gain much with a compact SUV in mileage, and in Mexico you can at least get the VW serviced if needed.