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Taking apart Ignition Cylinder

So, I’m a college student who drives a 2002 Toyota sienna mini van who knows next to nothing about cars. I ran into a problem the other day where I couldn’t turn my key passed accessory. The key would get stuck and it wouldn’t budge any farther. I was able to take the Ignition Cylinder/Switch/Lock/I dont know what its called out of my car. The key is now stuck in the ignition cylinder in the lock position and it wont turn to accessory or pull out. I have seen a few videos on how to fix the tumbler by taking out the split wafer that is broken. I just need to get to the tumbler. There is a picture attached of what I have now and if anyone has any idea on how to take it apart I would love the input. If not, I will be bringing it to a lock smith on Monday and pay ~$100+ to get the whole thing fixed or get a new one.

Edit:Here is an example of what I would like to try.

And attached is what I have now.

I haven’t looked into how to disassemble that switch but not long ago I bought a complete ignition switch from a salvage yard for $35.00 .

After removing the snap ring you will need to be able to rotate the inner cylinder to remove it. Rock Auto has a replacement lock cylinder for $40.

I dont know if I need an immobilizer or transponder. How would I know if I need those?

The key in your pictures is for a vehicle without immobilizer, the key has no transponder inside.