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Take a trip in a new car

I just got a new car (Toyota Corolla). Back in the olden days, we were told that you should not take a trip in a new car until it was “broken in”.

I want to go visit some friends about 250 miles from here. Is that still a rule?

Is this mentioned in the owners manual?


I also bought a new Toyota, and had to go 200 miles to a new assignment. Read the owner’s manual whcih says not to drive too fast the first 1000 miles, and also not drive at any one speed steadily; vary your speed, and accacsionally floor the gas pedal. My Corolla is now properly broken in and does not use any oil in 5000 miles.

The most important thing to remember when driving a brand-new car is to NOT use the cruise control, as varying your speed is essential for proper break-in of the engine.

But, why take my opinion or anyone else’s opinion when you have the ultimate authority sitting in your glove compartment? I can assure you that the Owner’s Manual covers this topic in detail, and this would be a very good opportunity to begin familiarizing yourself with this valuable resource that was provided by the manufacturer.

Just do what it says in the owner’s manual. It will give you instructions for the break-in if needed. Modern cars are a bit different than the old ones.

Just follow the instructions in the book, don’t try to out guess them, just do what it says. You will be fine.

I would suggest carrying a cell phone on any trip in an "new to you" car.