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New Car - Should I go on a road trip?

We just purchased a new Acura TSX - my question is - is it advisable to take the car on a 2000 mile road trip next month? If yes, any special precautions I should note. Thanks!

The only issue I have is proper break-in. I purchased a new car 2 years ago and had to travel to a distant city. The book will tell you to VARY your speed, and not drive excessively fast or slow. This type of driving is required for the first 1000 miles, depending on the make of car.

The above procedure is you allow the rings to seat properly so you will not have the engine consume oil later on.

From a reliability point of view I would not worry about taking a new Acura on a long trip. I would get a list of Acura dealers in the areas where you will be travelling, just in case.

If you can live with the break-in procedure outlined in your owner’s manual, go for it!

Starting a road trip the day you pick up a new car isn’t advisable. You’ll have the car for a few weeks and can check for any leaks or little problems that occur on delivery. As Docnick states there is a “break-in” period for new cars, check your owner’s manual and follow the mfger’s recommendation regarding the proper break-in process for your new car. Enjoy your trip!!

Check the owner’s manual for information about the break-in period. Most manuals recommend varying the speed of the vehicle, so hours at a time on cruise control might not be a good idea.

As long as you vary your speed you should be OK, though.

I’d ask for a couple quarts of oil from the service department, just in case. New cars can burn oil during break-in.

Yep, just try to get 500 to 1000 miles on it first and vary the speed and don’t abouse it. Acura provides an 800 number to call with any problems on the road.

Take the road trip and build some back roads into it. You’ll be fine.

I broke my '89 Toyota pickup in as a commuter vehicle…103 miles each way, most of it highway. If it hadn’t gotten totalled at 338,000 miles it would still be on the road.

Actually, I’ve broken my current ride, an '05 Scion tC in almost entirely on the highway. It has 110,000+ on it as we write and still runs flawlessly.

And then there was my '79 commuter pickup, and my…you get the picture. There’s no need to obsess, just enjoy your trip.

Break in instructions vary in detail, but they amount to three rules:
(1) Don’t run the engine up to red line.
(2) Don’t floor the accelerator pedal.
(3) Don’t run at the constant speed for a long time.

To break in a new car on a road trip, take secondary highways instead of the interstate. Passing through small towns every few miles will allow you to vary your speed. Give yourself extra time since it will be slower than the interstate.

In 2001, we bought a new Sienna. We were definitely going to be driving a long way in a few weeks, like 3000 miles round trip.

I set up a plan and every day I drove per the break-in plan, on secondary roads. Some days it was 50 or more miles, just driving around. I got in my 1,000 miles and away we went. At 155,000 miles as of next week, we use a 1/2 quart every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

In a month, it should not be that hard to get the 1,000 miles on it.

I drove 6000 miles with a brand new car- Toyota…just remember to find a dealership along the way for routine service…new cars need little break in period…just drive normally. My car went over 120,000 miles with no repair issues other than routine maintenance…