Breaking in a new car?

Hi- Is it necessary to “break in” a new vehicle by driving under a certain speed for the first few days? I seem to remember my dad telling me this years ago.



If there’s a need to do this, it will tell you so in your owner’s manual.

On older cars it was generally a good idea to vary your engine speed and not floor the pedal for the first thousand or so miles, in order to let the piston rings seat properly. You’d also typically change the oil at this point (or even earlier), and from then on follow the regular maintenance schedule.

Again, read the manual. If you need to, it will tell you how in there.

Please open the owners manual of your new vehicle, and you will find this info somewhere near the front. There are usually cautions about not exceeding certain speeds, driving continously at one speed for extended time, taking it easy on the brakes, etc. during the first 1,000 miles or so.

And, after reading about the break-in procedure, please continue reading the Owner’s Manual so that you are familiar with the various warning lights, gauges and controls on the dashboard so that you know how to safely operate the vehicle.

As soon as possible, begin familiarizing yourself with the Maintenance Schedule,which is contained in the Owner’s Manual or in a separate booklet in your glove compartment. A great number of problems can be avoided by simply reading the materials provided by the manufacturer.

Enjoy your new car!

Just read the manual and do what it says. Read the whole manual. Based on the questions an problems posted here many people could save a lot of problems and money but just reading the manual.

Check your owners manual. There likely is no section on this matter in most modern cars. Just drive normally and all will be fine. As a general rule vehicles for most owners vehicles well outlast the ownership period.