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Take a look at this. An excavators hauls itself up a tower

(ignore the german speech, just look at the video)

Oh that crazy Deutschman-no hard hat. At least he had his seat belt on.

Heavy duty equipment and skill for sure.

Das ist doch verrückt!

It’s not really crazy @B.L.E. It’s designed to do what it did, and it did it well. I’d say it’s more like scary.

All of the faith in the world on those hydraulic fittings…

The on-scene reporter standing underneath must also have an equal amount of faith in them…

Absolutely amazing and the operator appears to be low key throughout the operation.

I’ll bet that guy got paid handsomely for that stunt! Mu stomach rolls over just watching it! :cold_sweat:

The operator comes across as someone just putting in another day at the office.
Note around 6:20 or so it looks like he’s yawning a little.

I’d also say that it took some serious engineering and deep thought to set this stunt up; along with a barrel of cash.


Maybe I’m the only one thinking, “What’s the point?”

Lets at least do something useful.

LOL, I love it! That is one smoooooth operator!

The excavator video is from a German tv-show named “wetten, dass …”. In english - I’ll make a bet with you, that … and has been around for a long time.
Here’s another funny one which includes cars.