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See if you are able to STOP watching these before they end.... I cant


This one too…

Keeping it car related, will it blend… toy cars

Watch this and you’ll understand why it’s never a good idea to try to open a padlock by shooting it with a bullet, in spite of the fact that it’s an overused Hollywood cliche.

I was able to stop after about 15 seconds. Boring. Sorry.

The first video, with the balls, dragged considerably. Still watching the second video. . . I liked the one somebody posted a few weeks ago where the car went into the steel teeth whole.

Problem with videos like this is, because its highly visual, you can’t put it on while you putter around the house, you’ve gotta give it 100% of your attention.

That second machine in the second video, the one that grinds up the logs and pallets - - I bet somewhere in North Korea they’ve got one of those they throw political prisoners into . . .

Still, I’d say these videos are better than 80% of what passes for entertainment on cable tv. From time to time I considering cancelling my cable to save $80+ a month and just watch stuff like this on YouTube for my entertainment.

Still, these 20 & 30+ minute videos require a time commitment. I’d say the ideal length of a YouTube video is under 8 minutes. Then you can watch “more like this” if you want to see more. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen something that looks interesting and then I see its like over an hour long, and I think, oh heck, I don’t have that much time to kill, and I move on.

Sort of boring. I did a number of these tests, mostly concrete block samples, in the lab while studying engineering. We always stood well back and were required to wear safety goggles at all times.

Sorry but none of them held my interest enough.

I never was one to sit and watch paint dry. I had to advance each clip to the next climactic point.


This wasn’t meant to be a serious Test people…

Funny how the gear teeth. . . or whatever the proper nomenclature is, look EXACTLY like the gear teeth on my little paper shredder, just scaled up tremendously. Some narration instead of music would be nice. . . I’d be interested to know how they make those metal gears/teeth so hard to grind up cars whole without so much as a scratch. . .

If you find any more videos where they’re grinding up whole cars (as opposed to the pre-flattened ones that don’t really look like cars anymore) post 'em up here and I’ll take a look at 'em!

I didn’t know what a hockey ball was. I guess it must be used in places where they don’t have ice for real hockey. But now I know what it is anyway.

Field Hockey @Bing…its a heavy solid white ball

You are correct about the Shredder Teeth @“Ed Frugal” no doubt about it. Its pretty clever…if you notice the way those nasty looking rollers are setup…it basically takes little manageable nibbles at whatever is thrown in there. The tooth design prevents too much from feeding at one time…and when that happens and it hits a high enough hydraulic pressure…it reverses whenever those Nibblers somehow manage to grab too big of a bite for whatever reason.

I am still waiting for one of these machines to be the Star of a Horror Movie… I believe they have made an appearance in the past…


They probably have a welding crew to re-hardface those teeth periodically. I remember a local rock crushing plant and every night they had to have welders go into the primary mill and build up the hammer faces with hard face welding rods.

Many of those toothed rotor style scrappers have removable carbide tips that bolt on… I think…

@Bing I was thinking the same about the Hockey ball. Thought it is something like the basketball ring Ted Cruz uses to play!

Yeah you certainly don’t want to call it a ring in Indiana. Very sensitive out there about their basketball.