Tailights don't work vw golf 1995

My tail lights don’t come on. Either does my dashboard light. Check all my fuses. They are all good. What is the next step? Really don’t want to go a mechanic and get in a whole electrical system fiasco.



Have you checked the bulbs?

Next guess would be the switch that connects the circuit when you push the pedal. Taht’ll be activated by the lever connected to the pedal. Look under there and it’ll be obvious.

the dash lights probably are unrelated. The pea bulbs are probably burned out.

Just check out the switch. All is good down there. Any other suggestions?

In some cars I have owned, the tail lights wee on the same circuit as the dashboard lights. I don’t know about the V-W, but I would bet that this is the case. I would double-check the fuse.

You may want to take it to a mechanic or a shop that specializes in electrical repairs. This isn’t a major electrical problem and it should be easy for a professional to diagnose the problem and make the repair.

I think that it likely I should go to the mechanic. Thanks for the info

If the fuses are good, bulbs are good, and the switch is good the next step would be troubleshooting of the circuitry. My guess is that if you had the meter and the pin probes and could read schematics you’d already have fixed it, so I’ll go with Triedaq on this one.

Although you could check the sockets for corrsoion first.

I have not seen if you have checked the bulbs!