Tail shaft coming off transmission?!?

The tailshaft is coming off my TH350, Its about 1/8"-1/4" off, missing two bolts, and pouring out fluid everywhere. Can I just bolt this back on, Or is it more involved than that?

If you can find some bolts, bolt it back up and see what happens. I don’t know a TH350 from a EH210? So, what brand, model, and year vehicle are we talking about?

1977 Chevy C-10 pickup w/250 c.i. inline. Turbo hydromatic 350 tranny

Just replace the bolts and refill the tranny. The only problem you may have is with the tailshaft gasket/O-ring. If it leaks after installing the bolts all you need is a new gasket/O-ring.

There is only one bolt still holding it on, if I take it off, will the tail shaft stay in place? I don’t know exactly what size they are, so I need that one to match it.

It wont fall off if the driveshaft is still on. Just put all 4 bolts back in and it should stop leaking.


Does this read to others as it reads to me? “bolts are missing from my transmission, should I replace them”? What happened in the days of no internet? You won’t find a chapter in any kind of manual titled “What to do about missing/loose bolts”

Since the internet common sense needs to be checked with experts before having the confidence to move forward. Generally, I’d say it is a good idea to replace missing bolts, perhaps a question about the right torque for them would be helpful.

I would be wondering why those bolts fell out.
Someone failed to tighten them, driveshaft vibration due to a worn extension housing bushing, bad U-joint, bad carrier bearing, maybe?

Hopefully the transmission was not driven any distance with fluid pouring out or the transmission may be toast, or borderline toast.

Perhaps a short shaft too long shaft or vive versa change over and they were left somewhat loose, pretty easy to tighten them up and never have this happen in the first place.