Stripped transmission pan bolt

I have a 2006 Toyota Highlander 3.3L V6. I was removing the transmission pan bolts to replace the transmission filter when one bolt stripped. I used my Dremel to cut a slot in the bolt head so that I could use a flat screwdriver to loosen the bolt. Unfortunately, half of the bolt head broke off and it’s a very tight space with the frame in the way. Not sure what to do now.

you can try using a small vice grip on the piece thats left. maybe you will get lucky. most likely it will probably break off. when that happens you can probably get the pan off. with the pan off if there is enough of the bolt sticking out you can try the vice grips again. if not which will most likely be the case, you will have to drill a hole in the bolt and use a easy-out

also if you know how to weld you can hold a nut there and weld in the center of the nut to the old bolt. then use the nut to turn it out.

Or if there are lots of pan bolts, cut the head off and ignore it. I am missing one on my Chevy. Hasn’t leaked in 10 years and 2 trans oil changes.


Sorry, misread and thought the entire head of the bolt broke off. Vice grips and penetrating oil would be my first attempt. Those bolts usually aren’t that tight. If you can soak the threads with penetrating oil, it might turn pretty easily.

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