Tail lights won't work / Stuck in Park. Ford Escort 91

We have a Ford Escort LX 1991.

It needed a new battery and the old one died before we got a chance to get a new one. (About 5 miles away from our house in the snow.)

We got a new battery and a new BTN fuse because it had blown.

Sure enough, we started the car and the BTN blew again, the tail lights still wouldn’t work and the car is stuck in park.

I think it’s the the brake light switch, which controls the tail lights but also the charging of the battery.

Now, since it’s stuck in park we can’t even get it towed to a mechanic.

Is this something where I could buy the new part and fit it myself or should I try to find the money to have a mechanic come out to the car?

Are you talking about tail lights or brake lights?

What is BTN?

The brake light switch works the brake lights, not the tail lights, but has nothing whatsoever to do with charging the battery.

If the brake light switch is faulty the transmission won’t shift out of Park. Some cars have a manual override for this function. Consult the owner’s manual.

You could probably replace the brake lights switch yourself, assuming you can crawl down in the foot well and reach it. It’s also possible the switch is out of adjustment, and can be reset to function correctly. I’d investigate this before automatically assuming it’s bad.

It is the brake light switch. Easy repair. The part is just a little box with a button that is housed behind your brake pedal.

Why do you think it can.t be towed in park? If it is nosed in all they have to do is jack it up and put dollies under the front wheels to get it out to where they can pick up the front.

Even without dollies, there should be a physical release for the gearshift to get it out of park, even if there is no electrical power to the car. Should be a slot to the right of the shifter, the key or maybe even a screwdriver inserted there should release the lock on the gearshift allowing it to be taken out of park.

Here’s how to get it out of park (this should be in your owner’s manual).
Turn the key to unlock. This is the first clockwise click. Nothing comes on, but the steering wheel and the shifter are unlocked.
Now, shift to neutral.
Now you can start the car and drive to the shop. Once you shift back into park, you will have to repeat the procedure above.

No, it easier than that. See below.