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Jeep brake lights

2000 jeep cherokee brake lights will not work.changed the bulbs, brake switch, checked fuses, ripped the effin panels out and checked wires and grounds, ripped up rugs found the mouse nest-no mouse, no chews in wires. the parking lights work, hazard lights work,any ideas?

You start at one end or another (battery or lamp) and keep testing it as you go from one item to the next. Somewhere along the line will have power on one side by not the other.

Agreed. Get a voltmeter (or test lamp) and an assistant. Remove the bulbs. Your buddy steps on the brake pedal while you test the socket for 12v juice. If none, work forward to brake light switch, then fuse, and so on. Eventually you will find the source of failure.

If the bulb socket does have juice, make a new ground for each bulb.