2015 Toyota 4Runner - Too many brakes

had bought 2015toyota 4 runner in 2018 with 20,000 mile now I’m at 50,000 miles and going for the third brake job something is wrong here. in fact had my brakes done in May and needs it again two months later ……shakes when you press the brakes

As the owner of a long list of Toyota products, all of which had frozen calipers, I suspect that is your issue. At least the underlying cause of some of them. Your calipers are not retracting and are causing premature wear and overheated rotors.

Do you mean the pistons or the slides were frozen?

In my vehicles, the piston that compresses the pads stuck. Specifically, they fail to retract.

Are you sure brake components that meets or exceeds the OEM specifications are being installed?

Raybestos Issues Warning on “Lightweight” Rotors

lightweight versus standard brake rotor

Raybestos, a leading aftermarket brake supplier, has issued a warning about Chinese-made brake rotors that are dangerously thinner than name-brand aftermarket and original equipment brake rotors. The lightweight rotors are being sold in various auto parts stores to unsuspecting consumers as standard replacement rotors. But the thickness of the discs in these “lightweight” rotors has been reduced by increasing the air gap between the rotor faces. This saves about 4 to 5 lbs. of cast iron per rotor, and reduces the manufacturing cost $3 to $4 per rotor. Unfortunately, this trick also reduces rotor strength (which is important to resist cracking and rotor failure), the rotor’s ability to absorb and dissipate heat, and the ability to resurface the rotor safely the next time the pads need to be replaced. For more details, read this warning.