Synthetic or regular?


I have a newly rebuilt Chevy 454. The break-in 750 miles are complete. Any recommendations as to whether the new oil should be synthetic or regular?


Suggest Amsoil or Redline 100% pure synthetic. NOT Castrol Syntech(is a crack crude oil false synthetic. Mobil 1 ok in a pinch. Amsoil has great filters too. Longer times (10-20k mi) between chngs. Can have lubes analysed by lab to see how ur engine is doing ! Crude oil says it all…crude as a modern lube today and doesn’t last as long.


The engineers who designed and tested this engine assumed that users would be using crude (regular) oil. They have found this product to be satisfactory as a lubricant. There is no need to use synthetic oil; it’s primarily a matter of discussion between you and your wallet.


either is fine, to justify the synthetic cost you need to extnd the change interval whihc is fine depends on which one lets you sleep at night