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Synthetic oil?

I have a 2 year old Ford F150 with a V-6 engine. I don’t use it often and only have 4000 moles in 2 years. Would all that setting in the garage require synthetic oil to maintain good oil life? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Conventional would work also, just as well. I have a truck that I use for a specific purpose, and it shows in low miles. It has done well with annual oil changes and conventional for 14 years now…

4,000 moles in two years?

There is probably no need to use synthetic oil. Just check the owner’s manual to make sure you change the oil as often as it recommends, usually a mileage or time period, whichever comes first, and to make sure you use the type of oil that meets the requirements listed in your owner’s manual.

Where do you keep all those moles?

You don’t need synthetic. All you need to do is change the oil once a year, regardless of mileage. Oil doesn’t “go bad” just sitting in the engine.

I was thinking the same thing, but this is a young truck, which could still be under warranty. What if they maintenance schedule says to change the oil every 9 months or 6,000 miles (whichever comes first)? In that case, changing the oil once a year could void the warranty, couldn’t it?

Unless things have changed, Ford trucks are pretty consistent with 5K miles or one year, as I recall.

In these cases a diet of Motorcraft semisynthetic oil and filter from Walmart would work well.

In that case, I think a yearly oil change with normal oil would be fine. I just wanted to make sure 4flashman didn’t void his warranty.

If Motorcraft semisyntietic oil is cheap, it couldn’t hurt, but I am not sure I see the benefit of using a synthetic blend.

“Where do you keep all those moles?”

That’s 4000 x 6.023E+23…

Wow! 2.4E+27 of the buggers! Where, indeed, do you keep them? :wink:

Allow me to suggest also that you add gas stabilizer to the tank.

I will have to mole this one over and get back at ya

If your owner’s manual says to use synthetic, then do that to keep your warranty in effect. An oil analysis can be done to determine if you have been using the correct oil if your engine should have a warranty coverable problem.