Synthetic Oil



How often should you cnange synthetic (Mobil 1 ) oil? I drive mostly suburban/city in a Ford 230 h.p. Six, 2006 model.


With a new tight engine you should be ok at 10,000mi.


No one really knows. Most folks simply follow the advice of their owner’s manual, even though that schedule is based on using crude oil. You ought to be able to go longer with synthetic oil but you will have trouble finding anyone who will advise you to go to the limit, even if anyone knew what it is. I would simply recommend a twice-yearly oil change.

What ever it says in the owner's manual.  Don't assume you can extend oil changes just because you switch to synthetic.


[b]Follow what the vehicle manufacturer recommends for oil change intervals. The manufacturer of the vehicle makes no distinction between regular and synthetic oils. This is because no matter what type of oil is used, it still gets dirty.

And the next time you purchase a bottle of synthetic oil, look on the container. It even says on the container to follow the vehicle manufacturers recommendation for oil change intervals.



Do NOT go 10k miles between oil changes UNLESS your owners manual says it’s OK. If you have a engine problem while under warranty and you did NOT follow the recommended oil change interval then Ford can deny any claim for repair.


Go by the owners manual for warranty reasons, no doubt. But in reality, it may make no difference what brand, type or even weight of oil you use. Consumer Reports did a long term test on 75 new taxi cabs over 60K mi. using synthetics, conventionals, high and low viscosities, even changing the oil at different intervals, and found NO difference among the engines when they tore them down. Interesting. I have the link if you want it. Not my claim, theirs.