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Symtoms / Fix of dragging brakes

What may cause a dragging brake.

Also, if I may, is there a typical fix or does it vary depending on the car.

You should have just left this with your post about the tire/hot wheel:

There is no one thing. The major causes are normally sticking caliper piston and/or caliper slides and/or deteriorated flexible brake lines at the wheel. (Then there’s the driver’s foot - but that wouldn’t apply to only one wheel).

Typical fix is to replace the caliper.

Thanks guys. Cigroller, sorry about the new discussion topic.

Again, I can’t express my gratitude enough.

You are very welcome. Glad to be of service.
Happy motoring.

"Cigroller, sorry about the new discussion topic.

No big deal. Its actually worse for you as the full “case” info ends up scattered. So then people don’t get all of the info & you don’t necessarily get the best advice.