Have a 1996 suburban, while driving it pulls to the right really hard. I smell something burning I suspect the right front brake may be stuck is this possible and what is the fix?

The brake caliper may be sticking. Check and repair/replace if necessary.

The caliper may be sticking due to a deteriorated brake line. the rubber line may be blocked to the point where it will allow fluid to pass under the high pressure generated by your foot on the pedal, but it won’t allow the fluid to escape under the very low pressure generated by the puck as it receeds from the brake rotor.

It is possible, but it could also be a wheel bearing.

A dragging brake will be very hot and easy to spot…Brake calipers do indeed freeze up. A defective tire will also cause a car to “pull” to one side…

Sometimes caliper pistons get stuck and will not retract. Replace them in pairs.

Drive a short distance and feel the brake disc. If it is hot, the brake is dragging. Other posters have suggested a cause. If the brake is cool, suspect a wheel bearing or suspension problem.

We had 3 suburbans at work that I drove in school bus service and we had to replace calipers a lot . Ours would usually stick off. If the left one stuck off, the car would pull to the right and the right caliper would get hot because it was doing twice as much work. If the brake is sticking on there should be noticeable drag on the car at low speed with your foot off the brake.