2010 Mercury Mariner - Brakes are dragging

Having problems with brakes dragging

And??? Twelve year old vehicle that requires brake maintenance.
Suspect some is long overdue. When serviced, brake hoses may require replacement.


Now I see you have another post on the same problem.
Appears you replace one caliper.


Brake hoses to calipers may have collapsed inside and now are acting like check valves.

To see if this is the case, pump the brake pedal a few times and then open the bleeder screw on the caliper.

If brake fluid shoots out the bleeder, that’s the problem.


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Very likely some combo of faulty brake hoses and/or calipers. It’s a safety issue so needs immediate attention, but brake parts are designed to be replaceable, so the repair likely won’t be anything out of the ordinary.

Do you know which wheels are involved? If not, feel all four after a drive. The ones that are dragging will be much hotter than the others. Perhaps there’s only one wheel involved, which will make solving the problem easier.