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I Feel Like "Dying"

I have a dark green Buick Century with a tan interior I don’t care for. Might a body shop be able to dye the leather, vinyl, and cloth headliner dark green for me? (I don’t have the patience to do this myself(

You can have anything done to a vehicle. it depends how much $$$$$$ you want to spend.


Thanks for the instant reply. Might you know a ballpark figure for this sort of service?

Buy Some Sunglasses.

Body Shops don’t dye upholstery.

You don’t even list a model-year, but you’d be better off buying some of the interior (chairs, etcetera) from a salvage yard Buick cadaver with a more pleasing color than trying to change the color of your interior.


Buy seat covers.

Tint the back windows to reduce the brightness of the interior. I hate light colored interiors. There is just too much sunlight.

My vote is for the salvage yard if this issue is really that important to you. With most collisions the interior is generally intact unless it’s a broadside hit.

I’ve used leather dye in the past on antique motorcycle seats and have not been real impressed with the results. There’s a certain subtle blotchiness to it and after a couple of years some of it will still smudge off.

You could check with an auto upholstery shop about this though.

(For what it’s worth I’m not a fan of tan either, especially the lighter shades.)

If this is even possible, I’d be worried about the dye coming off on wet light-colored clothing.

No real idea, but call around and ask. Depending on price, it might be better trying to find a car with an interior you like than redoing your current ride

Thanks for all the replies. I guess it’s true, we do get set in our ways when we get older; I’ll be 63 this June. Most of my cars in my life have looked good to me. And for the past 11 years until last Fall, I had a car with a beautiful deep, rich blue interior and exterior, which is what attracted me to the car. I was so accustomed to having cars in appealing colors, but tan interior doesn’t appeal to me. When I was 18 and got my first car, an old one, as a birthday/graduation gift it had a tan interior, but it looked beautiful to me, my first set of wheels! But in my “old age”, I’m fussy, I guess…