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Jeep Wrangler wheel bearing

Jeep Wrangler, 1998, 160k miles, 4 cyl 5 speed. It has an annoying intermittent squeaking from front. The sound does not change if in gear or out of gear, follows vehicle speed not engine speed. Brakes are good, no change to sound if brakes applied. Seems to point to the front bearing hub. The whole hub/bearing assembly seems to be the fix for this. Is my diagnosis on track? If it is, is there any way to lube the bearings or are they sealed and replace the only fix? Thanks in advance for the help.

Have you gotten under it and taken a good look around? Perhaps for a bent/loose dust shield for one of the rotors? The sound of a bad wheel bearing is more often a drone or rumble or something like that. It should also change when you turn. Get the wheels off the ground, check for play & listen as you spin for any grinding kind of sound.

If they are sealed hubs, then there is no way to lube them - replacement of the entire assembly is it.