Sway bars

is it a safety issue to install new sway bars in 02 chevy trailblazer? cost is $500.

If you are asking if broken anti-sway bars are a safety issue, then the answer is yes, that is a safety issue. On an SUV, with its higher than average center of gravity, broken anti-sway bars will result in some really scary roadholding/handling characteristics at high speed.

Are your current sway bars broken? Or are you just upgrading them? The function of a sway bar is to link the two sides of the suspension together, reducing the suspension independence and improving stiffness, thus reducing body roll. If they’re broken, replacing them is indeed a safety issue, if you are upgrading, it will improve your handling on the road, but your off road capability will suffer.

They’re actually “anti-sway” bars, but be that as it may. If yours are broken, yes, it’s a safety issue and they should be replaced.

How did they get broken? It would be very unusual, and highly unlikely, to have TWO broken anti-sway bars on the same vehicle at the same time, unless there was major crash damage.

Your truck has sway bar end links that can break. The OEM links are $15/ea at the dealer. It takes about 15 minutes to replace one. Therefore, $500 is steep to replace even all 4 of them. I had one go out a while back on my '04…

I have never had a sway bar break. It’s usually mounted in rubber bushings and connected by links also with rubber bushings. The only way they could break other than an accident would be if you were doing some serious off roading and if that were the case, then a whole lot of other parts would be broken too. I have seen worn out bushings or ones contaminated with oil and that can make the bar ineffective but you should stay far away from a mechanic who says they’re broken and need replacing.

Sway bars don’t wear out and they very seldom break…Ask to see the “broken” sway bars…The mounting kits are cheap and easy to install…

mechanic said two front (not sure what) for the sway bars cost $108 each. Two rear $84 each and labor $60.

I just looked up the parts cost on Autozone.com.

The front end links are $58 each.
The rear end links are $27 each.

I was so surprised at their cost, I had to go check my old receipt from the dealer to make sure I remembered correctly. Yep, I paid $15 at the Chevy dealer. Anyway, even at the prices above, it is half what they are charging you for the parts. It’s an easy job you might consider doing yourself to save some money…

Thanks for your help. I will def shop around.

Broken sway bars aren’t at all uncommon here, but we have a lot of potholes in the spring.