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Sway bar bushings

My mechanic says the bushings on the rear sway bar on my 2003 Volvo S60 (72,000 miles) are worn and need replacing. The Volvo dealer says in order to get new bushings, I would have to buy a new sway bar as well. The bushings are not sold separately! My mechanic is in dis-belief. Why should I pay for a new sway bar if I don’t need it? Any suggestions?

Get a second (or third) opinion as to the availability from another dealer and/or an auto parts store. Or try a junkyard for a replacement sway bar, though the bushings may be worn as well on a used part.

Your mechanic is right, but maybe the bushings are not available as a Volvo part for your year. A quick search found a site that offered the bushings as an OEM part for a 2009, but no matches for your year.

Is it a “stabilizer bar link” that you need? Here are some inexpensive choices,carcode,1434051,parttype,7580

It’s probably the link you need, not a whole new stabilizer bar. “Stabilizer links transfer weight between the left and right sides of a vehicle when it turns, transferring some of the lateral force exerted in a turn to the opposite side of the vehicle, which allows the body of the vehicle to stay stable. This provides a more comfortable ride and better road handling. Due to high load stresses, and because they are relatively small, stabilizer links are one of the first components in the suspension system to require servicing and replacement.”

Kizwiki’s web site has this one: S60 2001-2009 Rear Sway Bar Link left or right NOTE: AFT 31201603 $ 14.59

Try IPD in Portland, Oregon. They specialize in Volvo parts and may have either the part or a suggestion for a replacement.

It’s common for sway bar bushings to wear out. Every time either or both wheel(s) moves up & down the bar turns in the rubber bushing, wearing the hole bigger. Oddly, none of the manufacturers lube this bushing. I do, however.

I know this sounds crazy, but molded into the sides of the bushing should be the hole diameter in millimeters. If you can see it with a good worklight, it might be possible to get a Volvo replacement of the proper size to fit that model.

Sincere best. I’ve never run into the situation of being unable to order a replacement bushing. If you find one, be sure to grease the bushing hole liberally before installing.