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Suzuki swift 2008 problem

Hi, my Suzuki swift 2008 has a problem. My back lights, fog lights, all interior lights except radio aren’t working. I checked the saftey switches in guse box and neither one of them looks burnt. Anyome has a clue what it might be?

All this should be in your owner’s manual. Could be a fuse or relay

Did you test the fuses or just look at them? Some can be very hard to accurately check just by looking. Get a test light and check for sure.

Ok, I will go buy new fuses for interiror and rear lights. I am hoping that’s the problem.

Just replacing the fuse may not help, if there is a short the new fuse will pop and you might not notice it. Go to Harbor Freight and get a cheap volt meter and check the continuity of the fuse. If the fuse is blown that tells you to start checking the wiring, sockets, bulbs etc