Suzuki 2007 SX4 , dead battery

Hi all

my old Suzuki sx4 2007 manual/stick
I left it for more than 2 month
now the battery is totally dead
when I start the car with a jump starter, it starts but when I try to drive around so I can try to revive the battery but even after 2 hours of driving it still won’t start without a jump start

even when I drive sometimes when I hit the red light and I press on the break ( slowly not even a hard press ) the car goes dead,

  1. the car loses a lot of oil like in the past 2 months that I didn’t touch the car there wasn’t one drop of oil in it
    I heard about the oil leak stoppers
    will it work for me

if I drive the car for 5 hours, will the battery go back to normal levels?

I am looking for practical solution or suggestion ( i don’t’ know a good mechanic and the car is not worth me spending anything more than 200 on it with tax / plate number and now these issues, i am here to find suggestions )
should I keep this car or not
I am in Quebec

I will assume the battery is many years old and has served its useful life. Time to replace it. Lead acid batteries do not handle a complete discharge well, which sounds like happened. Auto parts stores like Advance, Autozone etc will frequently check your battery and charge system for free. This will show if the problem is your battery or alternator. You can damage your alternator by charging a completely dead battery, that is not what it is designed to do.

As for your oil loss. After making sure you have added oil to the fill mark on the dip stick, place newspaper or cardboard under the car overnight and see where the oil drips. Then get under the car and see if you can start tracing where it is coming from.