New Battery, Still Won't Start



I have a 2001 ZX2 Ford Escort in which I purchased a battery for in November 2007. When the car sits for a couple of days, it will not start. I jump the battery and it will start, but as soon as I turn it off it does not start again. All the lights that should light up on the dash does, to include the radio/CD player playing when I turn the key. It does not start though; I get a click, click, noise. Is this an alternator problem, an eletrical problem, bad battery problem, or something else? Thanks in advance for the feedback.


“Is this an alternator problem, an electrical problem, bad battery problem, or something else?”

Yes. It could be any of the above. The way to tell is to take your car to a shop that can test each case. Some auto parts stores advertise that they will test the battery and alternator free of charge. I’m guessing (because you have not mentioned the dashboard warning light) that you have a parasitic drain. Anyway, have your system tested and report back here with the results for further advice.


I would suggest that you take your battery in and have it tested. If its alright then I would have it completly recharged then take your car to a auto parts store if it will stay running and have them check your alternator. I suspect it is your starter or starter solinoid but I would also remove it to have it tested.

You should also check all connection and cables to your battery to see if they are clean and makeing good connection.


I’m pretty sure it’ NOT the battery or alternator. Something is drawing power that is draining the battery when it’s idle. There are many things that still run when the car isn’t running…but none that I know of will drain a battery in a couple days…MAYBE 2 months…but not 2 days. Get a amp reader to read the amps being drawn when the car is just sitting. Then start pulling fuses to find the circuit.


Thank you so much. My next step will be to jump it again and take it to have all tested. I will report what they come up with. Thank you again.


Hello All! I am please to report that it was the a cracked ring at the end of the cable that connects to the battery. It drained the battery. They replaced the ring and the battery. All is good with the ZX2 now. Thanks for the advice. It was a big help.