SUV's without center console



Does anyone know where a body could get an SUV or similar type 4WD without the center console or stick on the floor? I need one with a bench seat! I tried talking someone into removing the seats and replacing with a bench but was told the insurance wouldn’t cover the car if it was in an accident with that kind of alteration. Does anyone even make such a car anymore and if not WHY NOT???


I think the Chevy Tahoe still has a front bench seat with column shifter, I’m sure there are more. Indeed, most pickups have a front bench and column shifter, and seeing how many larger SUVs are based on trucks, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one.
You could always get a pickup, instead.


The Tahoe and Suburban are about it. They both come standard with a 60/40 split front bench seat.


Only an auto engineer or auto marketer could provide the true answer. But the decision to not provide a bench seat or even a 60/40 split bench option in SUVs could be based on demand. To maximize profit and keep costs down, you need to keep volume up and minimize expensive options.

A bench or a 60/40 split bench doesn’t seem like an expensive option, but they have to be engineered and tested for that vehicle chassis/platform. Plus the demand for such an option in SUV’s is extremely limited. You are the exception, not the norm. For pickups, it is different due to the large customer base that buys trucks for work and needs the bench setup for hauling work crews. SUVs are not that market.

So unfortunately, you are probably out of luck or at least your options are extremely limited. Remember, few SUV’s are based on trucks. Most of the foreign SUVs are car based so they really are not off-road worthy vehicles. The 4x4 is for selling and adverse weather conditions.