Bench seat


What cars if any, have what passes for a bench seat in front ? I saw 1999 Taurus where ugly middle console folded away to disappear and become bench seat for 3rd person to sit in front.

HATE consoles - have never seen one that looks clean on ANY car including luxury.


You should look at the cars that are marketed primarily to the “older set”–that is:

Full-size Buick
Mercury Marquis (and possibly its clone, the Ford Crown Vic)

When the Toyota Avalon was first introduced, it had a bench seat as an option. Whether they still offer this option, I am unsure.


My consoles are clean.

But back to your question - new or used cars? GM makes a few cars with bech seats. The Impala, Lacrosse, and Lucerne can have bench seats. The Cadillac DTS might, too.