Sedans with No Center Console?

I have 2000 LeSabre…it has lots of leg room as there’s no center console.

I’d like to buy something newer in the Spring but every newer Buick, BMW, Toyota I’ve seen has that center console… am I stuck with going as far as a 2005 LaCrosse or are there other good options (for a sedan…or perhaps even crossover small truck).

Crown Victoria/ Mercury Marquis. Honda CRV

Ahh! Thanks! Also I now found Lincoln town car.

I honestly believe that the feds are trying to KEEP OUT that third person from the front seat, no air bag there.

My 92 Explorer had three in the front but the 06 Escape hybrid has the most useless waste of space console there I’ve ever seen ( why do I need a “shifter” there for a CVT trans ? ). And my big Expedition seats 8…not the 9 that it could because of that big plastic junk collecting box.

I agree. With electronically controlled transmissions, why do you need a shifter “anywhere” but the most convenient place. Maybe, place back on a stalk on the column ?

Heck, we could now go back to Chrysler’s push buttons, for that matter!

Simply because a vehicle can seat 8 (or nine) does not mean it will be very comfortable being one of those 8 (or nine). Full capacity is fine for a 5 mile run down to the restaurant but not so fine for the 110 mile trip from Tucson to Phoenix.

I once rode in a 15 passenger van from Phoenix too Tucson and all 15 places were occupied. The van did not handle well at all and it was an experience that I would not care to repeate

thanks as also as in same boat: stuck looking for car without center console. Maybe we should get together and all auto manufacturers to create more.

While I empathize with anyone who “needs” a car without a center console, I have to tell you that your twitters to the auto manufacturers are likely to go unheeded. I say that because more and more sedans are being discontinued, and manufacturers are not likely to make the manufacture of their existing sedans more complicated by offering variations in interior layout.

Are you aware of how few “American” sedans will be left in the new car marketplace by next year?

Not going to happen , those days are gone and frankly in case of the vehicle crashing into something that center passenger in the front seat will most likely suffer severe injuries.
Maybe you could explain why this is something you think you need .