Sure Grip Featherlite Electronic LFA or Veigel Electronic LFA

Has anyone had one of these two models of electronic left sided gas pedals installed in their vehicle? 1. Sure Grip Featherlite or 2. Veigel electronic left sided gas pedal. If yes, please give pros and cons of either one. How reliable are they? Is it worth the money? Warrantees on labor or parts?

I have not used either one. But a couple of comments:
If you can not operate your gas pedal with your right foot, then yes either the left foot pedal or hand operated throttle would be worth it to me.
As to warranty—the installer would have that information.

You could google reviews for either system.

Thank you for your response and comments. I have used the mechanical LFA type for about 40 years. So, I do know how helpful they are. And most of these mechanical ones are fairly inexpensive. I had one of these type (mechanical) installed in my car some 40 years ago for about $75 (parts and labor). However, these new electronic LFA types (the ones I was referring to) are very costly, at around $1900 on up. My VA will pay for the one time price and installment. But after that, I am certain that I am responsible for any parts and labor costs from then on. I have googled both major electronic LFA makers. I even tried to google any owners of either one. But it seems that this type is either too new or too expensive to get much informed help on. I just need to know about the reliability, convenience, benefits, and worth while costs of having one. If I can just get an owner’s feedback, that would be good enough. Note: The Veigel electronic LFA manufacturer gives 3 years warrantee on its parts. But the dealer installers give vague or no time warrantee on their labor for installing the equipment. If anyone has the Sure Grip Featherlite or Veigel electronic LFA, I sure would appreciate your feedback.

Have you talked to other veteran amputees about this? If you are near a veterans hospital, they may have focus groups for amputees, or might have sources of information that could help you make a choice.

You might also look at the manufacturer rather than the device. How long have they been in business? Are they the largest manufacturer of devices for amputees? Think up questions that help you decide which is more likely to support you as a buyer and eventually as a user. For a company that is too small, a product failure might make the whole company fail. A larger company with a professional design team might be more able to design a professional product and have reliable suppliers of quality parts.

Thanks for your feedback. All that you suggested are good ones. And as a conscientious consumer, I have done them all. However since this device, and similar designs under other names, are relativity new to the market…there aren’t enough customer experience or product reviews out there. After looking at all the ones offered via videos and manufacturer warranty, I did have the Electronic LFA Veigal unit installed. Super nice design…and works admirably. It is a little more expensive than the Sure Grip, but I preferred the design and abundance of install shops more. And anyway, the VA was fitting the bill…so cost was irrelevant. I hope others read this for help on the Electronic LFA. They can not go wrong with the Veigal design. And thanks again for your feedback; all great things to consider.

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