Left foot accelerator pedal

My wife recently had a hip replacement and has not yet fully regained full mobility in her right leg.

Years ago (60’s/70’s) JC Whitney used to sell a simple device for left foot control of the accelerator. I couldn’t find it on their site today.

Does anyone use or know of left foot accelerator pedal kits? I have done some searches but am interested in an answer here.

It is for a 2002 VW Passat.

Any help or info will be appreciated.



Try using “car controls for disabled” on google.com, yahoo.com, or whatever search engine you prefer. Hand controls might be better for her than left foot controls.

here it is - yahoo search …http://www.plfa.org/

I saw one today but did not notice the brand. It is simply a heavy metal plate with a pedal on the left side and a shaft that extends over to the accelerator with a lever to depress the factory pedal. It is removable in 2 seconds. Try a supplier that deals in equipment for special needs.