is there anyway to adjust a sunvisor that want stay all way up.or do i just have to replace.

If you want to accomplish this goal cheaply, and without too much concern about appearances, you can use Velcro to keep the visor in the “up” position. A fabric store will have Velcro that you can glue to the headliner in an appropriate place, so that it can grip the other piece of Velcro that you glue to the visor.

And, when you want to lower the visor, a firm pull on it will loosen its grip on the Velcro until the next time that you raise it into place.

A large, spring-loaded paper clip (clamp) snapped onto the front edge of the visor will hold it up…

I simply bend the arm a little and reinstall the visor. It works.

I’d be concerned about pulling the headliner down with Velcro.

Has anyone had the opposite problem, that the sun visor won’t come down easily and move to the angle where you want it to go? I had this problem on my 90’s Corolla and went through a lot of grief as I recall to eventually solve it. There’s a sort of complicated spring loaded gadget that keeps it in place, and the lube there I guess can dry out, making it difficult to adjust. I had to uncover that gadget and avoid destroying it in the process, then experiment w/different lubes and amounts until I reached a compromise where it would stay up but still move easily. I recall a lot of cuss words were during all that. I think I decided moly-lube in a very small amount, delivered on a toothpick, strategically placed, is what worked.