Suitable car for local driving in a suburb

I am planning to buy either new Camry-Auto Tranmission or new Corolla Auto Transmission for local driving in a suburb. Which one is better?

Neither is “better”. Try each out for extended period (over weekend if possible), driving as you would for daily needs. Try each for a trip as well to see if it meets your needs. Then you decide which is best for you.

If you don’t plan on going much faster than 25mph, then you might look at a hybrid

Neither is better. The Camry is larger than the Corolla, but unless you need the extra space save some money and buy the Corolla. It’s hard to find a more reliable or fuel-efficient vehicle unless you go with a hybrid like the Prius, which may be another good option for you.

A hybrid is at its best in urban driving. When driven in conditions other than stop-and-go conditions, the advantages of a hybrid diminish sufficiently to make it virtually impossible to recoup the extra cost of a hybrid vehicle. For stictly suburban driving, a Prius is the wrong choice.

Most Accidents Happen Within 20 Miles From Home. Large Cars Are Safer.

I’m not sure if a Camry or Corolla is large (or one larger than the other.), but if I had to buy one or the other, I’d buy the largest one I could. I can help with safety advice which is high on my list of priorities.

Sorry I can’t help with the specific foreign model. They don’t sell any near here and we don’t see many on the road.

I hope that helps. Good luck!


The two cars aren’t actually comparable. Corolla is a compact car; Camry is mid-sized. You have to decide which type of car you actually want to drive. I haven’t driven either (my Toyota is a Prius), but you certainly should before making your choice. Don’t just do an “around the block” demonstration ride, keep the car for a day and find out if you really like it nor not.

If you live in Boston, buy the Corolla; it is much more compact and easy to park. If you live in the West, you may go for the Camry. Both are excellent cars.

Most Accidents Happen Within 20 Miles From Home. Large Cars Are Safer.

If that were so, I’d move…

Well, the Camry is the safer choice (and most probably better equipped), and the hybrid can get the same gas mileage of the Corolla. Even though you may not do stop-and-go driving very much, driving on the highway for a while increases efficiency.

Most Accidents Happen Within 20 Miles From Home.

Most driving is done within 20 miles of home.

Large Cars Are Safer.

All else being equal. All else is never equal.

The safest car is the one with the safest driver. Note: often the safest driver is driving a large car.

This reminds me of the silly, impossible to win, kiddie arguments on the topic of, “Which is better, a dog or a cat?”

I want the OP to answer this question first:
What are your criteria when considering which car to buy?

Unless you tell us what your criteria and priorities are in terms of a car, then it is not possible to provide a response that has any value.

It’s So, Im Afraid!


You Are Correct!

"Most driving is done within 20 miles of home."
Correct! That’s why there are more accidents there.

"All else being equal. All else is never equal."
Correct, again!
I want to be in the unequal one that offers more protection. The large one. I want my kids in a large one too, in case they goof, or somebody else does.

"Note: often the safest driver is driving a large car."
Correct, again!
Thank You!

We agree and so does my insurance company.


Both are excellent choices, both highly reliable with excellent “cost of ownership”.

But both are different cars. Test drive both and get the one you prefer.

Guess I was thinking about those little gated communities as suburb