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New car advice in Pittsburgh

I recently moved to the Pittsburgh area and I need to replace my car. I’ve had my eye on the Prius recently, but I’m not sure how well it’ll handle the weather and terrain around here–my current car has taken a 7-10 mpg hit after the move, coming from Northern Virginia (it’s hilly here, is what I’m saying). I won’t be driving terribly much, most days; my job is in the city, but I usually catch the bus a mile from my house.

Any advice? I have a preference for hybrids or, failing that, something fairly gas efficient.

Any decent car will be fine in Western PA I live north of the city and while we will get some bad snow and ice, most towns, Pgh included , do a decent job of salting the roads to keep them clear. That also means you are in the rust belt as the salt does a number on the underside of cars. Before you buy a car have a mechanic look it over. Best $100 you will spend. BTW I see lots of Prius’s around

A hybrid is a losing proposition for at least the first 100,000 miles (I drive an Insight). You’re better off with a regular 4-cylinder sedan or hatchback.

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Yeah, low miles = no payout with a hybrid. And there are some non-hybrids that get great mpgs now - I’d look at the new Civic with the 1.5l turbo.

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Yes, at the rate you drive a hybrid might rust out before it starts being able to pay for itself. Maybe buy a Corolla instead if you like Toyotas.

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