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'Dash Cams That Can Back You Up in an Accident'

I’m surprised that dash cams haven’t become a standard or at least optional feature on new cars. But since technology always keeps newer and better versions coming out, as with cell phones and navigation apps and computers, what would be handy is having a standardized power system in place in cars for easy plug and go of a car owner’s preferred dash cam model easily changed out for a different version without having to mess with routing and securing wiring to not obscure vision or otherwise get in the way.


They do have one, it used to br called the cigarette lighter plug.

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I think Marnet is talking about the power cord not being in the way. When using my GPS the cord is dangling around the dash or looped over the rear view mirror.

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If my attorney father were still alive, he’d cringe at the idea. Recording everything means you might get evidence against someone else, true. But it also means you’re collecting evidence against yourself, so unless you’re a 100% perfect driver 100% of the time, you’re assuming risk by running that camera.


I like to keep my car very neat inside, so I agree that some sort of standard power and mounting system by the rear view mirror would be nice. A magnetic mount with wireless charging would be ideal. I’d buy a dashcam today if this existed.

I’d also like to see some sort of standard enclosure (black-colored) for a toll transponder in that area.

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I’ve been using a Dashcam app on my IPhone. Haven’t had to use it in court yet (and hope I never have to). But it does exactly what I want and need.

Where would you find any metal on the dash in today’s car’s to mount to use a magnetic mount?

I think you’re missing the point. We’re discussing how manufacturers should add a neat way to mount a dashcam.

Edit: This was a reply to Renegade, but it’s not showing as such for some reason.

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As noted, I was speculating about there being an effective way to mount such devices without dangling cord or looped over the mirror, etc.

And despite my statement that I’m surprised dash cams haven’t become a standardized option on cars, given the plethora of other distracting electronic options, I don’t think that I’d want one as it would be a visual obstruction to and distraction in my driving field of vision.

Agree need a way mount but not magnetic with all plastic in today’s car’s it need’s to be another way.

Again, you don’t understand. You’re talking about today’s cars. We’re talking about things that the manufacturer should add in tomorrow’s cars. The manufacturer could add a magnetic mount in or near the rear view mirror for easy attachment and detachment.

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Under stand now thought you was talking about car’s that are on the road now sorry about the mis understaning.

To be fair, there’s parallel discussion here of what is and what might be.

The thread began with an article about which dash cams are best and what to look for when choosing one to put into current existing vehicles. Included in that article is mention of mounting and powering a dash cam and inherent hassles in how to secure the power cord out of the way whether by DIY or having installation done by a retailer.

Then I commented wondering about dash cams accomodation becoming a standardized integrated option in future cars and that I’m surprised it isn’t already so. I assume that it will be a built in feature on self-driving cars given those rely on a series of cameras feeding info to the computer controlling a self-driving vehicle.

Yep. If you enjoy driving 5-10 MPH over the speed limit, the camera will catch it for posterity. That’s one reason I decided to stop using my dashcam in my car. Also, if I was going to use one, I’d actually want two, one pointing backwards to catch tailgaters on camera.

The one I bought has a suction cup that attaches to the inside of the windshield. I decided to use it as a home security camera after my car got hit-and-run at my apartment complex. I set it to detect motion and record over the oldest stored video. If my car ever gets hit while parked again, I’ll be able to turn the video over to the police.


I happen to open the dash and back-attach the [modified] charger to the back of the lighter socket and then ran wire in a hidden way all the way to the top, mirror area.
It was NOT the easy thing to do.
I would greatly appreciate some better connector available and form-factor better than antiquated lighter socket.

I’ve seen multiple dashcams for sale on Amazon which have the second camera to point to the back, either embedded into one body, or as a separate add-on unit, working through the same electronics.

Just curious, If you have a dash cam and were in an accident are you required to turn it over?

As far as mounting dash cam’s would they work mounted on the dash as well as the mirror after all they are called dash cam’s not mirror cam’s?

My wife’s Ford Edge has 2 front facing cameras and 1 rear. Why can’t they simply provide a way to save the data?