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Sudden oil pressure drop

Hello! While driving my 2008 gmc envoy with 120,000 miles the oil pressure dropped and out of nowhere my car broke down. Any thoughts on where to start first?

Check the engine oil level

Is it super low . . . ?!

Did you by chance hit road debris which damaged the engine oil pan . . . it happens

Does the engine even crank over with the starter?

Can you manually crank it over . . . 1/2" breaker bar and the appropriate sized socket


As already mentioned, we need to know the current engine oil level to start.

Also, I’m assuming that you got an oil pressure light on the dashboard. We need to know how long the engine ran after you saw that light.

4.2L straight 6? not the most reliable motor

Many people beg to differ with that, We can start trading opinions, mine is you are incorrect in that assumption.