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Oil pressure low something broke

I was driving home after work, a light came on in my car said oil pressure low reduce speed to 25mph. the vehicle lost power and I was not able to get off the highway completely due to other vehicles, I started the vehicle back up after a few moments, and drove down the street for maybe a couple hundred feet. the light came back on, but this time when the engine lost power, or right befor it shut down something in the engine blew, i just heard a really loud bang. Smoke came from under the hood, when I popped the hood there was fluid all over, what could have broke?

The engine probably blew. It is time for a new engine if the car is in good shape or a new car if not. This will maybe sell for a tad more than scrap value if you sell it as it sits.

Get on Youtube and lookup “Engine throws rod” and you will see what probably happened to your car.

Can you describe the fluid.

Somehow I suspect the fluid looks a lot like oil.

I’m sorry for your luck… but whenever your oil light, low oil pressure light, etc. comes on, it’s Imperative to turn off the engine as soon as safely possible to avoid just this scenario. There’s no telling how many people have posted here over the years saying “I was just trying to get home, few more miles, etc.”. What could have been some inconvenience and/or a tow charge ends up being either a new engine, or a new car.

Good luck to you.