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2004 GMC Envoy: low oil pressure

2004 gmc envoy have low oil pressure come on after driving for awhile. I have flushed engine , changed oil and new sending unit. Where do I look now? Truck has 260 000 miles on it

There is your answer .

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Look to replacing all the engine bearings, this old girl is worn out.

You could turn off the oil light for a while by using a thicker grade of oil. If it calls for 5W30, then use 10W40 or 15W50.

You hook up a mechanical gauge and verify the pressure problem and just how bad it is. The Trailvoy platform has a pressure switch, not a sender. The ECM adjusts the pressure reading on the gauge based on engine RPM. In other words, a guesstimate not an actual pressure reading. Start with verifying the actual pressure readings…


@TwinTurbo is spot on in my opinion!

Right , verify the oil pressure . could be a worn oil pump with that mileage on it . Has it been burning any oil ?