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Sudden acceleration surge 2016 hyundai

My 20l17 Hyundai has sudden acceleration surges.
Very dangerous. Has anyone one else have had the same issues?? Help! Hyundai trying to stall me out

Your post’s title says this is a 2016 , but the first sentence says 2017. Suggest to clarify the model year and which model it is. If you can offer proof this is occurring that will be your best bet. Bring along a cell phone vdo camera maybe, and catch it happening on vdo to show to the dealership. Also bring out your brightest flashlight , and a mirror, on your hands and knees by the door and look carefully in the area of the accelerator pedal. Anything obstructing the motion? Anything look cracked or broken or loose? Also look for obvious problems in the engine compartment, near where the throttle valve actuator is, if you know where to look.