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2017 Hyundai Tucson- Surges

I had this same problem with my vehicle hesitating and surging and brought it in as it was still under warranty. They said my SUV was 2.5 litres low on oil and blamed it on a faulty oil change. I looked into the oil change and thank goodness everything is computerized and a full service documented and on file with this buisness. Then a few weeks later again my vehicle was hesitating and surging while we were on holidays, well this time it was over 3 litres low on oil. I contacted our local mechanic and he said that if it’s still under warranty that I need to contact the local Hyundai dealer and tell them what’s going on. I did this after looking online about the problem and it appears to be a faulty PVC valve that even the service manager agreed that they should have changed it. I am currently at Hyundai now waiting to see what they are going to do and how they will rectify the problem again since no low oil light came on to bring this to my attention. It seems Hyundai has a running history of sweeping this problem under the rug and allowing consumers to eventually have engine troubles or even blow or damage the motors on their vehicles. Hyundai needs to do recalls on these defective parts as they lose the respect of the consumers by not taking care of their parts and servicing needs.

In the owners manual it tells you to check the oil level . Apparently you are not doing that so how is that Hyundai 's fault.

There is no low oil light. It is your responsibility to check the oil at least weekly by lifting the hood and pulling the dipstick with the yellow handle.

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Open your owners manual and look to see if there even IS a “low oil light” If you see what you think is the oil light and it is RED, stop the car immediately, turn the engine off and have it towed to a service center. That is a low oil PRESSURE light and it means your engine is destroying itself because you let the oil level get too low.

Look in your owners manual and find out how to check the oil level yourself and start doing it every time you fill with gas. If you keep driving 3 Liters low on oil, you will destroy your engine and the dealership will not warranty it be you neglected to keep the level full.