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Suburban won't start

My neibor has a 2001 Suburban.

The truck normaly starts and runs fine and never stalls.

For some reason,(maybe once a month) the truck will not start. It turns over, and seems to be running, but when the key is let go, to disengage the starter…it stalls out. He has replaced the Fuel filter, the coil, wires, cap & rotor.

If he lets it sit, tomorrow it will start fine. He has had it to two mechanic’s and they could find nothing.

One person suggested that the Crankshaft sensor in the culprit.

Any sugestions?

The next time he tries to stsrt it and it’s a no go, spray a little starting fluid in the air intake.

Crank it over and if the engine fires up, runs, then quits quickly, you’ll know it is a fuel delivery fault.
Perhaps a worn fuel pump or a bad fuel pressure regulator.

Do a fuel pressure test at the fuel rail.