Suburban starter

Need a recommended website, or auto repair manual and important tips on replacing a starter on 1996 suburban.

You will need to hook the wires up to the starter while it is hanging down (battery cable disconnected at battery) and pay close attention to how the wiring gets pushed around when you move the starter up into position. The nut size for one of the wires to the solenoid is odd (I think 9/32) perhaps a deep or semi-deep 1/4 drive socket will help.

These starters use shims (don’t worry this is not hard to deal with) start out with the same shims that were uses at the beginning. If when cranking the starter seems to struggle and doesn’t achieve nominal crank speed add a shim. If you have periods of non-engagement remove shim.

I myself would perform a full circle inspection of the teeth on the flex plate (we are not expecting perfection just nothing gross) find a easy way to rotate the engine in its normal direction of rotation when you turn the engine over. Don’t over torque the attachment bolts (this is a case where you can find the torque spec and use your torque wrench)

1996 is a bad year for Delco batterys. Inspect your postive cable for signs of previous acid damage. Perhaps now is a good time to replace the postive cable.

Thanks! Very helpful.

I also recommend that you aquire one of these and use it prior to disconnecting the battery. This will prevent any problems that can occur with the computers and modules when the battery is disconnected. There have been a lot of posts lately of those who have disconnected the battery on OBDII vehicles where problems with the computers and modules arise once the battery is reconnected.