Substitute for throttle body cleaner?

Trying to use advice from this site to help a relative in England improve a sticky gas pedal. Two local auto part shops didn’t have “throttle body cleaner”. What sort of substance is it, and might something similar be sold under a different name (or for another purpose)? One of the shops advised applying spray grease and pumping the pedal a bit, but the purpose of the cleaner seems to be removal of dirt with a clean cloth, so I hate to just add grease to existing dirt. Any ideas? (The same shopkeeper advised using Vaseline in place of dielectrical grease after cleaning wiring contacts; I also don’t know if that advice was sound).

The shopkeeper may be a decent character and interesting to have tea with, but I wouldn’t rely on him for automotive advice.

If throttle body cleaner is unavailable, any petroleum based solvent will work. That includes carb cleaner. Avoid any that leaves a lubricating residue, as that will attract deposits.