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Subscribing a car vs buying or leasing

Hmmmm, “subscribing” one’s vehicle as opposed to buying or leasing. :thinking:

Other than the dealer angle, I don’t see how subscription services are any different than leasing. seems the dealers have the argument, not the consumer. Restricting these deals only hurts the consumer’s choices.

Yeah, without knowing more details it sounds like leasing with some possible differences in details.

I think that article WAY overstated how “popular” those subscription programs are. And $750/month seems steep. I bet I can beat it getting the items on my own.

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While it doesn’t say so, my guess is that the dealers make less on a subscription than a lease. It seems to me that the maintenance part of the subscription could be tied to the dealer tat sold the subscription. Again, the reimbursement for maintenance by the dealer might not be adequate. None of that I suggest in the article.

Like multiple “owners” of an airplane?

Next thing you know, people will be leasing wheels and tires for their leased or subscribed-to cars. Oh wait, it’s here.

I’ve heard of airplane sales and leases, but no subscriptions. My wife’s cousin has owned several planes with at least one partner. Even a 4 seat, single engine propeller plane can sell for well over $100,000 used. No wonder airplanes are multi-owner ventures.

It makes sense for airplanes, whose owners are responsible and adept enough to have earned a pilot’s license. (My dad was part-owner of an airplane in the WW2 era.) My skepticism is directed toward users of automobiles.

Most of these subscription programs are like a lease but closer to a fractional ownership where you can switch to another model of the same brand during the year without having to get out of a 2yr lease to do so. Insurance and maintenance is part of the package so harder to compare to lease costs but unless you have a wondering eye and need to try out various cars it doesn’t make sense.

I just read an article by Edmunds about subscription vehicle programs. First thought , this is the answer to a question no one asked.
It seems to be for people who have too much money or a real ego problem.