Subaru Wagon stuck in park


My brand new 2007 Subaru Wagon is stuck in park. It’s happened three times this week, I’ve owned the car for 3 months and it never happened before. What is the problem?


You don’t have to worry about what is causing the problem.

Your car came with free emergency road service, which definitely includes towing to the dealership Actually, in this case, it needs to be transported on a flat-bed trailer, as the dealership is aware, but the problem will be the apparent inability to move the car right now. Most likely, they will have a mechanic free-up the mechanism at your house and then transport it to the dealership.

Just call to report that your car is inoperable, and have them pick it up. Then it is their responsibility to rectify the problem under warranty. Even if you told them what you thought the problem might be, the dealership needs to go through the manufacturer’s diagnostic protocol and they would likely ignore your diagnosis.


Check out your manual for the shift lock release. This will at least get your car out of park so you can drive it to the dealer and get it repaired.


There is a cover you can pop off to the left of your shifter. (small circle shaped)Under here is a shift-lock release button. You may need a screwdriver to push it and I think the one that came with the car works. This would just be a temporary fix at that. Sounds like you have problems within the car. The elctronics that controls this stuff is crazy on the subarus. Good Luck.