Subaru Wagon "clicking"

We have a 2001 Legacy wagon with a clicking noise which seems to come from under the driver-side wheel well. We’ve had it for at least 6 months, & it comes & goes with no particular pattern except that we’re usually going over 45 mph when it starts. The clicking seems to come from front or rear driver-side axle, & is not exactly proportional to speed, but does speed up when we go faster. We’ve rarely heard it below about 30 mph. It seems to have no correlation to weather, time of day, amount of time idle, etc. etc. I think it does change when we brake. We can feel it very slightly in the floor & steering column when on the highway.

Possible: Worn cv-joint
: Worn brake pads and possible warped rotor allowing the pad wear indicator to’skip’
: Worn wheel bearing