Subaru w/airplane sound

When I drive my subaru it makes a sound that is like a parked, but running, airplane is nearby. Or the sound could be compared to a lighter sound of grinding brakes, but the sound is constant while the tires and turning beyond 10mph. It does not increase when I rev my engine. It seems to be coming from possibly the right front wheel. At first it made the sound and then stopped for a while and now it is constant. It is a 1990. Any ideas?

This could be a wheel bearing that is about to seize up.
It could also be an indication that your brakes are in serious need of service.

I strongly suggest that you drive the car slowly, directly, and carefully to a competent mechanic for diagnosis before you cause an accident.

I am taking it in today. I had the brakes looked at a couple of months ago and they were apparently fine. Thanks.